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This quote from Albert Einstein is one of his most insightful when it comes to climate change. This Entrypoint takes Einstein's insight as a starting point, focusing more on understanding "why we are where we are" when it comes to climate change, as opposed to focusing the myriad "climate solutions" conversations. Note that another Level 4 Entrypoint does exactly the opposite:

Entry4: Climate Chess in Action - Pathways to Deep Decarbonization

The Climate Web collects hundreds of climate insightful quotes. Those quotes are integrated throughout the Climate Web to help illustrate key climate points.

This Level 4 Entry Point points you to some of the notable quotes with which to explore a selection of climate topics through the "child thoughts" at left. Click on a thought to see a selection of relevant quotes in the Notes Field. You can simply scroll down through them. You'll likely also see Related Links at the bottom of the Notes Field, pointing you to larger sets of quotes as well as other resources in the Climate Web that are particularly in tune with the particular topic.

Note: You can utilize the hundreds of climate quotes as individual jpeg files, or get a copy of the fully customizable PowerPoint, here.

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